Advanced Freelance Writing BWR201


This is a course for people who already have skills in freelance writing, who have perhaps had some minor work published, but need to improve their overall technique and develop a more “efficient” approach to their work.

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The course is divided into 8 lessons as follows:

1. Introduction

Writing Themes, Sentence Structure, Summary Skills, Theme Development (e.g. Deductive, Inductive, Classic, Chronological, Descriptive, Analogy, Cause & Effect, Classification, Definition Analysis, Comparison & Contrast, Flashback etc.)

2. Writing a Regular Column

Newsletters, News Columns, Criticism Journalism (e.g. Theatre Critics, Book Reviews, Film Reviews, etc.)

3. Educational Writing

Interviewing Skills, Illustrating an article, Putting it all together

4. Scientific Writing

Technical Writing, Statistics

5. Writing a Biographical Story

Developing a draft plan, Research, Writing the final manuscript

6. Writing a News Article

Analysing a news article; writing and illustrating a sporting event

7. Fiction Writing

Category Writing; Mainstream Writing; Characteristics of good fiction (i.e. A strong plot;. A hero or heroine; Obvious motivation; Plenty of action; A colourful background), Forming and developing an idea.

8. Other Writing

TV & Radio Scripts, Science Fiction, Conducting a Survey; Developing a Story.


  • Review basic writing skills and discuss theme development
  • Develop skills in writing a regular magazine or newspaper column.
  • Describe the key elements of educational writing.
  • Describe the key elements of technical writing.
  • Develop skills in interviewing and preparing a biographical story.
  • Develop skills in writing news articles.
  • Develop skills in writing fiction.
  • Describe other writing styles including script writing.


This course develops and sharpens your writing skills largely through interaction with the tutor. Apart from that though, you will read about different writing techniques, you will conduct research and interviews, and plan projects.